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Welcome to United Commandos. United Commandos is a clan made up of other clans, so check to see if your clan is part of us or join a clan that is and have fun.

These rules apply to ALL clans
1. We do not allow foul language
2. We do not allow sexual language
3. Show respect to everyone
4. No noobing
5. No cheating
6. No spamming
7. No comments against God
8. No recruiting on-site
9. The High Council makes all the decisions for the site.

Each member wears THEIR CLAN'S TAGS
Joining United Commando
For a clan to join United Commando, the clan must send an email or a message to one of the council members.

For a member of a clan to join you must belong to one of the clans that are apart of United Commando, you deactivate your account on your clan, then go through the app process on UC, and then reactivate your clan account.